Learn how to drive more customers to your WordPress site with SEO

Introducing Rush Hour. A step-by-step WordPress SEO tutorial on how to maximise traffic to your WordPress site with search engine optimisation by Craig Barber.

Learn how to

  • Setup your site for SEO
  • Choose pages to optimise
  • Choose your keywords
  • Write SEO page titles
  • Write SEO page URL’s
  • Write SEO page descriptions
  • Add keywords to your page
  • Add keywords to your images
  • Add SEO links to your pages
  • Add your site to Google
  • Add your pages to Google
  • Add a sitemap to Google

Why you should take this course

Step by step guide

Improve your site’s traffic with simple step by step instructions. No confusing tech talk or jargon included.

Cut marketing spend

Learn how to drive free, organic traffic to your WordPress site and stop burning money on ads.

Attract real customers

Learn how to optimise your WordPress site to attract real, interested customers who stick around longer.

No coding required

An easy to follow WordPress SEO course for all users. No HTML or website coding required.

Set & forget marketing

Optimise your WordPress site for search engines once and forget about it. No more effort required.

100% Guaranteed

If you’re not completely happy with the course, I’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

Save money on marketing

Learn how to implement search engine optimisation on your WordPress site and stop wasting money on expensive, short term advertising to acquire customers.

Who should take this course

Business owners

Small to medium business owners who run WordPress and want to learn SEO to attract more customers.

Marketing people

Marketers who want to learn how to give their WordPress sites an advantage on Google.

Blog owners

Blog owners who want to optimise their WordPress pages and posts to hit topics with better SEO.

Attract the right customers

Learn how to optimise your WordPress site to attract real customers who are engaged and searching for your products online right now.

Craig Barber

About the author

Hi, I’m Craig Barber. I make and market websites for a living. Over the past 15 years I’ve been responsible for marketing dozens of websites. Driving customers to my websites via search engine optimisation is hands down the most cost effective way to reach new customers.

Unlike paid marketing which has to be continuously topped up with cash, search engine optimisation keeps on working well after you have optimised your site. It’s a beautifully simple set and forget way to market your WordPress site.

With Rush Hour, I’ve put together a WordPress SEO tutorial for every step of the way. I’m passing all of my expert WordPress SEO knowledge onto you, so you can learn and get more customers to your website.

If you have any questions about the course, or any WordPress SEO tutorial, check out the FAQ or get in touch here.